Aa dekhen zara movie Still

Aa dekhen zara movie

Still Comcast has put the current cap at 250GB. Currently, a 2 hour HD movie from iTS is about 5GB. Note: Apple not including an internal BRD doesnt mean they cant include the ability to play BR media through an external drive either offered through them or a 3rd-party. 2 Maybe theyll get cheaper soon? Like CD and DVD drives did. They will, but will it be cheap enough to be viable. As Ive noted several times, a slot-loading BRD is cost and physically prohibitive according to all available sources i can find. 4 Maybe theyll get thinner soon? Like CD and DVD drives did. They will, but when and how much will that shrunken tech will be. Do you remember the uproar when Apple released their first MBP and the 15 model didnt have a DL-DVD burner, but the 15 PowerBook did, because the tech hadnt caught up to the 5mm drives that Apple started using. Note: Panasonic announced plans for a 5mm BRD earlier this year, but it was only an announcement and I cant find any additional info on, not even a demo of it at a convention. I always have the worst timing with buying Macs. First I bought my eMac about a month before they introduced USB 0 Now I bought my iMac right before they introduce Blu-Ray. Apple better come up with an external solution. My point is that you et al. are only thinking with your Apple dicks and not looking at the big picture of what is feasible and possible at this time. I never said any thing about a slot loading drive. I just said that Sony is able to fit a blu-ray drive in a slim light weight laptop at a price point that is similar to the current MBPs and MBA. Do you know how ago it has been since Apple used a tray-loading optical drive in a notebook? BTW, if you think 3 is a slim notebook I would bet youd trouble telling Rosie ODonnell and Keira Knightly apart. If you havent noticed everyone is talking re-design this time around for the MBP. How do you know that Apple wont taper the laptop similar to Vaio Z or the MBA and move away from slot-loading drives. Slot loading drives are a pain in aa dekhen zara movie a% anyway. A redesign in which Apple uses clunkier aa dekhen zara movie and requires to them to excessively fatten up their devices? Occams Razor says no. I agree that slot-loading drives has some annoying limitations, but that hasnt stopped Apple from using them exclusively in all their Macs, except the Mac Pro in which a full-sized, full-speed tray-loading drive makes sense. Thats what people said about CD-Rs. It has to start out expensive CD-Rs were never that expensive. 50 for a Sony BD-R right now and that is a price drop. Dual layer is BR burning/recording wont become pervasive until those prices are cut down to a small fraction of what they currently are. Burner prices must drop as well. AND the encoding time has to be shortened by building rendering accelerator chips into the computers.

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