Apartment 23 I think the OP will get drilled and called a

Apartment 23 I think the OP will get drilled and called a troll because that was only his second post ever, so I assume that he posted just to stir the pot with happy incredible users. After 3 weeks Im returning mine too, going back to AT T and iphone bliss. I had more dropped calls, browser crashed, camera crashed, battery was ok. Devices: Incredible, gTablet No disrespect, but your expectations will not be met by any current device. You just returned the best smartphone that exists, ATM and IMO. If Inc had a keyboard like TP2s, it would walk on water Call quality is very good and signal too I live in KY, for gosh sake Sound quality for music from 5mm and speaker is better than any other phone I have tried tried a lot, except the N900 not even most media players can touch N9 The battery is 1300 mah and runs a snapdragon, 7 display, 3G, multi-tasking and whatever else you may have on browsing, media, etc and calls. You are not practical in your wants here. Camera quality is great for a smartphone, but still trumped by the N900 apartment 23 sux as a phone, IMO. Given some of the problems you report are not common by most and your other needs camera and battery are not practical, is this really a bait post? BTW, if you check my posts, I am a PICKY son of a beeeuuch and I think the Inc rocks and live in an area where if call quality and signal coverage were to suck for a device it would. Sure wish my N900 was using Android and Verizon has 32gb built in, microsd slot too, plays every codec there is, keyboard and the best sound quality of any device except the Gmini 402 media player that I own. N900 just sux as a smartphone, but great for everything else. Irony. Goodbye. Neither HTC nor google are going to care about 1 post down here. Send them an email. this is my 4th smart phone and 8th phone in the last 10 years. a good camera capable of 3 MP or more let me say after 28 apartment 23 i LOVE android completely and totally, my phone next and future will be android only. I love the O/S I do not however like my hardware its on. lasts a day with Auto brightness, ALL SYNCs OFF. 3G on. 150 texts, no calls. 30 mins of internet. 45 minutes of padnora streaming. No camera or GPS or Wifi ALL OFF I know I can get a bigger battery but I am sorely disappointed with battery life. Maybe a Future OTA will fix this. I have tried all fixs I also think having to unplug the plug and turn it off every night to fully charge the battery because the hardware/software wont fully charge it correctly sucks. Maybe OTA will fix it too. I realize for a smartphone of these specs battery will suck. but it should make it a full day. Call Quality: Mine sucks. flat out. if my signal is 51 db or 101 db. zero bars to full bars.

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