Autumn’s concerto 21st of April, MIYAZAKI TALKS ABOUT TEZUKA

Autumn’s concerto 21st of April, MIYAZAKI TALKS ABOUT TEZUKA OSAMU: Recently Yomiuri Shimbun brought a noteworthy interview with none other than Miyazaki Hayao. It was held at Studio Ghibli and in it the master animator talked about the the god of manga Tezuka Osamu. As it contains some rather interesting comments a summary for the Japanese impaired follows below. Before the start of the new Tezuka exhibition, which is currently held Edo-Tokyo Museum, Miyazaki told about his Tezuka experiences. In his words, I felt his respect to the great senior, but also a sense of sparkling rivalry. Miyazaki noted, Ive been wrestling with Tezuka. So Im kind of obliged to him. However, it isnt easy to tell it simply. There is a famous episode between these two maestros of animation and manga. When Tezuka died in 1989, Miyazaki caustically criticized him in a magazine which commemorated Tezuka, referring him to be just like an Ooya no gidayu animation creator. note: This story can be read in Miyazakis must-read book Shuppatsu-ten which will have its first English release on July In a way Miyazaki says Tezukas animation was amateur like, referring to Nedoko, a Rakugo story from the Edo era. Rakugo is a traditional Japanese verbal entertainment in which one man sits alone on stage and uses only a paper fan and a small cloth as props. Without standing up from a seiza sitting position, the rakugo artist depicts a long and complicated comical story always involving the dialogue of two or more characters, which are depicted only through change in pitch, tone, and a slight turn of the head. Either way, in the Rakugo story Nedoko a landlord who likes Gidayu old entertainment like singing opera aria one day plans to have his private concert. Needing an audience he ordered his servant to gather his employees and house-renters. At first they dont like to attend it at heart as the landlords singing is terribly bad, but they are forced to listen it by landlords intimidation and attractive food. After that magazine moment, Miyazaki hasnt told much more on his thoughts of Tezuka and his work, though this time he revealed that he was unspeakably much stunned by Shin Takarajima New Treasure Island, 1947 which he read when he was 7 years old. The later generations might not be able to imagine how much our generation was shocked to see Shin Takarajima in the ruins of World War II. It showed us a quite different world and we felt autumn’s concerto black curtain ahead of us clearly opened. Such a big impact couldnt be told as an imitation of Disney or an influence from American comics, Miyazaki told. Also the trilogy of Lost World, Metropolis and Kitarubeki Sekai Things To Come stole the heart of the then young boy Miyazaki. Miyazaki noted, The world that Tezuka showed us wasnt only bright, but often scary, absurd, painful or hopeful. Modernism meant prosperity and mass consumption and at a time it invented destruction. At the corner of Asia, only Tezuka found it. He realized the absurdity of modernism more deeply than Disney. Miyazaki guesses Tezuka had a autumn’s concerto hole in his fundamental, something which only the ones who saw a heap of corpses had. Because Miyazakis own father was like that. However, Tezuka gradually came to hide that darkness. Miyazaki told, The reason the TV version of ATOM wasnt interesting was because Tezuka operated a business with humanism only. I guess he nihilistically thought he needed humanism to get success. Miyazakis opinion of Tezuka anime is like Ooya no gidayu still hasnt changed. He told, I might have felt easy to see his terrible anime. That way I could compete with him. Originally Miyazaki wanted to become a manga writer. The reason he shifted from that and became an animator was because his manga seemed to be an epigone of Tezuka. Miyazaki confessed that his way of looking at things as an animator came from the impact of Shin Takarajima. He said, Because of that, I didnt want to be an admirer of Tezuka. On the question You who tells like that are the orthodox successor of Tezuka, arent you?, Miyazaki replied No. The invention of destruction came from the essence that the 20th century had. However, how will it change in 21st century? We are seeking the sign of The Tezuka Osamu exhibition takes place from April 18th to June 21st at Edo-Tokyo Museum. 18th of April, FREE GHIBLI GOODIES TO GIVE AWAY: April has been kind of quiet in terms of Studio Ghibli related things, hasnt it? That is the downside of a schedule filled with for example writing for other publications like Twitch like this interview with director Gianni di Gregorio of Venice Film Festival winner Pranzo di Ferragosto and Cannes Film Festival winner Gomorra. However, perhaps we can make it up with some free giveaways.

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