Cliffhanger ride six flags VHS was able to record longer

Cliffhanger ride six flags VHS was able to record longer times which made it more feasable to consumers. Money is not the total issue here. People will pay more for good quality. Maybe if HD-DVD had been considerably cheaper things might have been different. Most people who buy HIgh-def either are doing it because it comes with the PS3 so since they already have a PS3 might as well use the BLU-Ray features. Or the others are the people who have home theaters and the difference in DVD SD and Blu-ray resoultion makes a huge difference. Blu-ray will come down in price. If we woudl get rid of inflation and go back to the Gold standard where our money is based on gold and silver you would see prices of everything drop dramatically. When our dollar is worth less then everyone elses it does make the price of cliffhanger ride six flags go up because the dollar buys less now then it did just 10 years ago Based on the benefits of HD, did anybody really expect the big Hollywood studios to toss their support behind HD DVD? No more region coding makes the discs more they dont want. Savings to pass on to they dont want. Allowings consumers to purchase one disc and get regular definition and HD definition instead of purchasing two separate discs rebuy titles they already they dont want. Big Hollywood wins again. Congratulations on pointing out the Blu Ray mugging. Some journalists seem to have been under the misapprehension that Blur Ray won in a fair competition on its merits. Unlike Betamax versus VHS there was never a free market decision. Sony was both a provider of content and of hardware and the thing that did HD DVD in was the limited choice of DVDs after the majority of studios supported the more expensive format. One is reminded of Adam Smith: two businessmen never meet without conspiring against the public. Now that there is not even a vestige of competition expect prices for Blu Ray players to stay high as will prices for the Blu Ray DVDs. Personally I shall stick with my upconverting standard DVD player. If and when sufficient interesting films are issued in Blu Ray at a more reasonable price I may reconsider. A few people have cliffhanger ride six flags here that they plan to buy a HD-DVD player and/or take advantage of anticipated bargain prices on remaindered movies. Toshiba is unlikely to continue support spare parts for the players for any great length of time, since relatively few were sold. If you buy a player, and a bunch of cheap HD-DVDs, youre likely to end up with an unrepairable machine and a shelf full of expensive coasters in a few years. If you dont believe this, try and get a Beta vcr repaired. Blue ray cliffhanger ride six flags do fine for probably 10-15 years. Theres not enough bandwidth for the entire country to start downloading HD format. And even if it was easy to download, what are the odds that Sony who put rootkits on audio CDs is going to make it easy to burn? I doubt more than 1% of homes have their computer connected to their tv and nobody is going to be in a rush to figure out how to do that. I was waiting on the sideline for awhile but between the two. I picked Bluray. Why? Well, because I knew that Capacity is king. HD-DVD was already at the max and theres just no more room to grow. In this digital age space is never enough. After doing a lot of reading on the net.

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