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Exit speed trailer

Even when Rodmilla pawns her off to a lascivious-looking businessman who speaks in double entendres and seems intent on, uh, plowing her field, Danielle takes charge of the situation, holds a dagger to the pervs jugular, and forcibly takes back her freedom. If anything, she rescues the prince, helping him to see beyond his prejudices and inspiring him to devote his life to learning. This kind of female empowerment is greatand much needed in an industry where an inordinate amount of heroes are menbut it doesnt necessarily elevate Ever After above the powder-puff promenade of other fairytale romance films. In most other respects, its a rather conventionalenjoyable, but certainly not groundbreakingbit of storytelling aimed squarely at teenaged girls. Im just playing devils advocate, though. The film does have its charms, as evidenced by the fact that it still gets regular rotation inamongst other places, Im surethe dorm rooms of a certain sub-set of clean-cut, conservative college girls. Dont ask me how I know this. Only a truly cold, cynical soul would fail to warm to the relationship that develops between Danielle and Henryas goofy and sentimental as it most of the timeand theres a keen satisfaction in seeing Rodmilla and Marguerite get their just deserts. Anjelica Houston and Megan Dodds are so good at being ingratiating to their bettersand outright horrible to everyone elsethat you wish Drew Barrymore would just suckerpunch the both of them in the mouth. But our heroine plays it cool. This was Barrymores first real starring role, and she works bubbly wonders with it. Ever After arrives on Blu-ray with a 1080p/AVC-encoded transfer that looksto melike it was prepared from an old master intended for DVD. Dont get me wrong, this is definitely a high definition disc, it just shows DVD-like attributes, including some fairly strong edge enhancement, occasionally noticeable compression artifacts, and colors that seem slightly oversaturated at times. Clarity is adequaterevealing detail in the period costuming and the actors facesbut you exit speed trailer tell that some effort has been made to sharpen the image after it was transferred, resulting in mild haloing on certain hard outlines. Likewise, color seems boosted at timesmaking skin tones overly ruddybut not to the point of distraction. On the plus side, black levels are sufficiently deep and the grain structure of the 35mm image is left largely intact, although there are some specks on the print. I get the sense that the film could definitely look better with a proper, more up-to-date transfer. I have no substantial complaints, however, about Ever After s DTS-HD Master Audio 1 surround track, which carries the films limited sonic requirements well. There are really only a few action-intensive sceneshorse chases, brief scuffles and what-have-youand these are presented in a mostly front-heavy fashion, with few cross-channel movements of any kind. Occasionally, though, you will hear some effects panned into the rear speakers, like the sound of wind, tweeting birds, or pouring rain. The surround channels are mostly used for George Fentons orchestral score, which sounds just fine here. The effects, the ambience sound, and the music all come together in a balanced mix with plenty of punch and clarity, and dialogue is clean and expressive throughout. Alas, the lone bonus feature on the disc is a standard definition theatrical trailer, running just shy of two minutes. Ever After may not be an everlasting classic, but its still much-beloved by followers of the fairytale princess genre. 20th Century Fox has gone the bare-bones route with this disc, thoughwith an old-looking transfer and no supplements to speak ofso exit speed trailer may want to carefully consider whether they really need to upgrade from the DVD. The best Blu-ray deals online.

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