Fred claus movie part 1 like

Fred claus movie part 1

like twilight for love story and hp for friendship, but both of them are witchcraft. while narnia is a very inspirational story. we must support narnia films for they are better than all the others. You Are soooo right!!! People look for witchcraft and evil when they can watch awesome movies like Narnia and Pixar Movies!!!! Why do people hat it so much? To be fair to other movies, you can find God in many of them if you wish to. But yes, Narnia is one of the few films I ve seen in the past few years that proudly proclaims Christian values and lessons. Honestly, I loved that the VDT movie wasn t subtle about it. i think my answer to that is this most people have weak faith to God-thats why some of them are believing witchcraft films. being fair, I love hp for their friendship, but I would rather watch narnia. I love narnia films. way better than the others! cause narnia series is based on the Bible and we may learn God s love for us! Ah, yet another deranged Potter hater who has clearly never read the books, probably never watched the movies, and has been indoctrinated by people who have no conception whatsoever of what the practices of real life witches actually are and so believe that waving sticks around and shouting Latin phrases is going to get you in touch with the devil. Have you learned nothing from LB??? When Tash was called apon, he came. There is evil witch craft in this world which satan controlls. He wants to control people. People shouldn t call on satan: he might come and try to steer them away from the Lord. Isn t it fortunate then that no one calls for the devil or any other supernatural entity in the HP books or movies? They are still using witchcraft. That s pretty much calling for satan. Isn t it fortunate that Lewis had the bad evil Calorman Captain call for Tash? Not the followers of the true Aslan? Someone I am extremely close to and I cannot stress that fact enough was raised in a home where she was encouraged to interact with witchcraft. FYI, she s a Christian now. When we watched HP, she told me the witchcraft she knew about wasn t at all like real life witchcraft. She described it as being more Gandalf-type. Seeing as you are probably ignorant on the subject since you seem to refuse to go close to anything that is potentially controversial, Not Of This World I hope you don t mind that I believe her and Bookwyrm instead. Blunder. When I said the witchcraft she knew about I meant the magic in HP. See, this is what happens when I try sounding cool. Primrose is right, the sort of thing Wiccans and other assorted magic practitioners practice tends to revolve around ritually invoking supernatural entities and nature worship. Some of the darker branches get into full-on demon summoning and worship of the devil, but they tend to be the rare exceptions. In Harry Potter, what they call magic is the innate ability to manipulate a power source present around the world that is unknown to science. You could easily strip the magic trappings away and claim they re mutants, especially once we learn that most of the spells in HP can be performed without words and even without wands in necessary. It has about as much in common with real witchcraft as a dude pulling a rabbit out of a hat. I don t care if the witchcraft like your friend experienced glad to hear your friend gave her life to Christ and I m totally not offended about your different veiw, wizards use magic, which is witchcraft. So you don t care if someone who has experience with the belief system you decry says that Harry Potter isn t like her former religion? I guess your motto would be Never let facts get in the way of a misinformed opinion. Darling, I hate to break it to you, but there aren t any witches in Twilight. You might want to get your facts straight before attacking a film for being EVUL!!11!. As for the Narnia movies being better than other movies, I think you meant to write books there and not movies. Because the movies so far have been average to mediocre to outright crappy.

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