Hot rod part 1 I am THAT

Hot rod part 1

I am THAT hooked on this player that I now want to go back and re-purchase all my old DVDs in Blu-ray but I won t. I did not purchase this BD player for the internet capabilities, rather, I purchased it to be able to watch Blu-rays and to upconvert my standard DVDs. I do not have a Netflix account yet so I cannot comment on that. So far, for watching Blu-rays and upconverting standard DVDs, this player has been incredible. We ve had this player for about a week now and we love it! It was easy to set up and update. The picture is stunning, it streams Netflix in HD, Amazon VOD, streams YouTube and a few other things. If it streamed Hulu, it would be absolutely perfect that s why I only gave it 4 stars. I hope they add that in the future. For the price, this Blu Ray player cannot be beat! This is my first Blu-ray player and it s fantastic! When I was looking for a Blu-ray player, perhaps what I was most concerned with was the DVD upscaling. I own almost 100 DVDs and I didn t want to re-purchase all of them on Blu-ray. I put in the fourth season of LOST on DVD and it looked like I was watching broadcast HD television. There is a noticeable difference between Blu-ray and DVD, but the upscaling is almost worth the price alone! I had company over recently, put in a standard def DVD and one of my techie friends didn t know it wasn t Blu-ray. When I told him it was just the regular DVD, he said, It looks hi def. 5/5 stars on video quality and upscaling my TV is 44 and only does 720p As some have mentioned, the Netflix streaming while it looks fantastic and is a cut above the quality on my Xbox isn t as easy to scroll through. The Xbox interface is fantastic, but the Sony one could use an upgrade; however, the important part is function, and it looks great! 4/5 stars, that one-star penalty because of the interface. Most of the internet channels are worthless, but the NPR one is pretty cool, as is the Video Detective. I wish they had Pandora or instead of Slacker, but whatever. I definitely wish this thing had wireless internet and a remote with a door open/close button, but I don t want to pay 80 more dollars Sony BDP-S5 I am absolutely thrilled with this purchase. Anything under 150 is worth it. This is a OK player when you hot rod part 1 this for online content. Blue ray viewing is good but lots of features are missing when compared to PS I know this is not wise to compare it to PS3which is expensive, but lots of people here are on the fence to buy ps3 or this player. 1 The BD menu is not same as ps I couldnt figure out how to determine how much movie is time menu button just gives how much is PS3 you easily know the length and remaining time for a movie. 2 I believe PS3 blue ray is hot rod part 1 crisp and clear then player is little soft. 3 Coming to netflix, this player is doing lots of buffering when compared to PS3 which is connected to same network. 4 The flexibility of adding movies in queue is not supported in this player. 5 The user interface makes a big difference when some one is viewing i look for a movie in PS3 it take much much less hot rod part 1 then this player. 6 The netflix movie update is very you click for next page, it takes lots of time to load list of movies. Finally this is not a bad player when you never watched netflix on when you compare to PS3 and this, definitely PS3 wins. I sold my player on amazon and getting slim PS I didn t want to believe the other reviewers that said that Netflix streaming had performance issues. I figured it was their network or configuration. Well, I can tell you, the problem exists and it is very real. I started streaming a Netflix movie on this player and ended up switching to the Xbox 360 out of frustration. Both devices were plugged into the same router. The Sony streaming would pause every five minutes or so to reload. The Xbox 360 performed flawlessly. Also, the Xbox 360 Netflix app lets you browse movies outside of your instant queue. In the end, the Xbox 360 will continue to be my go to device for Netflix streaming. Hopefully, Sony can address the issues with Netflix support in a future software update but I m not holding my breath.

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