How to lose friends alienate people

How to lose friends alienate people

The quality is superb. It takes a about 30 seconds or so to load up a movie, but once it is there, it is perfect. No staggering or skipping. Others that have complained about the netflix streaming probably have slow internet connections. Or maybe they re using WiFi and it is having problems. Regardless, I think this thing is freakin awesome and I m stoked about it s quality and price. I ve never even had anything hooked up via HDMI, so having video/audio go through the same cable is totally awesome. Couldn t believe how easy it was. I d recommend this unit to anyone. THANKS!! I have owned this player a while but I have to say that I still really love it. The technology is excellent, both in sound and visual Sony is by FAR Superior then the previous player. Fast at everything boot-up is less then 10 seconds without the quick boot-up option, reads Blu ray shortly after inserted and load times are minimal. I had read several reviews about Netflix not being good quality and it being laggy and such which was turning me away from this player. The quality of rentals is great, it how to lose friends alienate people t take very long to load at all I have 6MBps from Comcast running through a router and a switch and still have no problem streaming or any quality loss. If you have the ability to rent bluereay then this player is truly wonderful. From Box to setup it took under 60 mins, It tells you when there is new software and DL it directly to the player and installs it in under 4 mins. For Netflix all you need to do is register product with Sony and then enter the Key it gives you into the Netflix site and your done. If your looking for a new Blu Ray or even a First time buyer, DO NOT pass this one up. This player is amazing, I first had a samsung from walmart that was on sale for cheap money which was slow to boot and slow to read. For the past 20 years I ve been trying to avoid Sony products because of how they ve tried to get you to buy all the Sony accessories that only work with their product Hello Apple. But the reviews were too good on this one to ignore and it s been perfect for what we ve wanted to do. We have an older 27 tv so it wasn t the Blu-Ray feature that was the priority. We also have 5MBps download capability. Streaming has been great. We love how easy it is to access the menues, even the kids have figured it out. And then there is the stuff that s been added since we bought it last January. At first NPR and Slacker were the only audio choices but recently they ve added Pandora. And this week we see a notification that Hulu Plus will be available soon. Not sure that we ll add that but as avid Hulu users, it s nice to have that option. Well done, Sony. Well done. I purchased how to lose friends alienate people BDP N460 in early February 2010 and have had it seven months now. Movies seem almost as if you are looking through a window. The picture is amazing. Functionality is great, in fact I utilize the Netflix streaming function more than anything else. I have only experienced a buffering stall one time and it was only a second or two. I have a 3 Mb cable internet package and have a wired connection from my router to the BDP. Works fine, but the interface could use some polish my husband likes to watch music videos on YouTube, but I find the interface clunky and annoying. Perhaps how to lose friends alienate people can be improved with a future software update. I have yet to try it. Signed up today and will update review after I get around to trying it. I have looked at Epicurious and some of the other online streaming content. I think most of it is just OK because searching and navigation with a remote is cumbersome at best.

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