Josh groban Learn how to spell, speak, and type correctly

Josh groban

Learn how to spell, speak, and type correctly. Perhaps then you would be able to make a valid arguement that people are able to understand. But still, you probably won t care about this because you re ALL A BUNCH OF FUCKING NIGGERS. wayne is a bitch. everyone gets all enraged n shit when people diss em cause they on his little dick, ibi from tha A. its kidz like this that kill hip hop. shits not dead its just underground so idiots like yall cant see it. wayne has punchlines and thats it, and those are written for his lame ass anyway. look at lyrics and actuall skill. marshall killz wayne all day, hence why that bitch azz ninja when fukin battle nobody. fukin soul khan could tear his ass up too. wayne makes unintelligent radio music for fake bumpas who just need stupid shit like gucci to get down. eminem holds it down so fuk yall. THEY BOTH ARE GOOD, YES WAYANE WAS WORNG BUT HE S RIGHT. robyn retarded too can u fuckin count dumbass em made more cds!!!!!!! mixtapes dont count u fuckin idiot!!!!!! yea who ever don t think LiL Wayne is hard no homo that how u feel because he going to still do him and make more songs u still going to do u right? so just shut the fuck up and just Stop hatin on a ngga that is a weak emotion YO ROBYN, LIL WAYEN MIGHT HAVE MADE MORE ALBUMS. BUT EMINEM HAS SOLD MORE RECORDS. 70 MILLION PLUS AND HIS ABLUMS GONE DIAMOND BEFORE. LIL WAYNE HASN T HIT THE 5 MILLION MARK WITH ANY OF HIS ALBUMS. EMINEM HAS A STYLE AND IS LYRICALLY INSANE. LIL WAYNE WILL NEVER BE MATCHING EMIENM OR SELLING AS MANY RECORDS For all these ppl talking about how Em s album s have so much substance, I don t see how homophobia, self loathing, constant deprecating lyrics about the woman who gave birth you to his daughter, belittling your own mother and attacking one s peers who have made it where you re trying to go is substance. Eminem has skill as a wordsmith, but his albums have alwasys lacked true substance. But then again so do Lil Wayne s. Try listening to some real hip hop for a change. Lyrics that challenge the mind, invoke a sense of community and duty to thy fellow man and woman. No commercial rapper is the best in my humble opinion. and yes Eminem is a commercial tool to garner more white dollars But more importantly and opinion is just that, an opinion. There s no right or wrong answer when it comes to matters of subjectivity. Oh yeah, one last thing, if you feel so inclined to leave a comment, please make an effort to be articulate, or at least use the spell check. Most of you ranting and raving about who s the best, your comments are barely understandable. Peace and happiness to you all from ya boy Black Moses! well, i wouldnt say that lil wayne is the best. they got each of theyre qualities. but you like him the best, its ur opinion Negative.

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