Jurassic park theme Built-in

Jurassic park theme

Built-in Blu-ray support into Mac OS X would open the door for Apple to finally incorporate Blu-ray drives into their Macs as well as Blu-ray support into their suite of iLife applications. The 6 update will not come before the rumored notebook revisions in October, but could conceivably be ready by Macworld San Francisco 200 Forget iLife. DVDSP is WAY past due for an upgrade. Does anyone know of a professional app from Apple that is this long in the tooth? Besides, I get the impression that Jobs does not think optical media is important anymore given the integration of YouTube into iMovie and the lack of integration between iMovie and iDVD. If Apple hasnt released it in Tiger OR Leopard they certainly arent going to do it in a point-point release. Blue-ray in Snow Leopard, MAYBE. In a release? NFW. Burners are already under 300 for the slimline models and under 250 for desktop models. Even less for a bulk purchase company like Apple. There is NO reason for them to have delayed so long. Now everything comes clear. MWSF 2009 iLife 09 with Blu-ray support new Cinema Displays with Blu-ray movie jurassic park theme 6 with Blu-ray support Nehalem Mac Pro with Blu-ray drive BTO. 😎 But wheres the tablet and/or mini-tablet?::mad: i am puzzled at why Apple makes people wait on this. To wait until macworld would continue the diasppointment of many consumers. they ought to include Blu-Ray Hardware support on the entire macintosh line as new models come out. Given that two Macs STILL dont have DVD burners, I wouldnt hold my breath on Blu-ray, even readers, coming to the MacBook and Mac mini. Some says new macbooks will come out in jan 09, some says shipping and will be out on oct 31, some says it will be launched on oct Soo many you link me to those rumors? If you guys want to compare this kind of capability with a 5Mbps or 6Mbps HD stream for both audio and video, I pity you guys. Yes, this is not how majority of people watch home A/V, but again we are talking about high quality here, not lowest common the question is whether Apple wants to cater to this high quality that, as youve said, not how majority of people watch home A/V. If so, then we can see Blu-ray. If not, then the likelihood of Blu-ray is decreased quite a bit. And I dont see cost being the main reason why theres no Blu-ray BTO in Macs, as there are RAM BTO options on the Mac Pro costing way more than any quoted Blu-ray drive prices in this thread. Now everything comes clear. MWSF 2009 iLife 09 with Blu-ray support new Cinema Displays with Blu-ray movie support 6 with Blu-ray support Nehalem Mac Pro with Blu-ray drive BTO. That sounds pretty reasonable. My point is that you et al. are only thinking with your Apple dicks and not looking at the big picture of what is feasible and possible at this time. Do you know how ago it has been since Apple used a tray-loading optical drive in a notebook? BTW, if you think 3 is a slim notebook I would bet youd trouble telling Rosie ODonnell and Keira Knightly apart. A redesign in which Apple uses clunkier tech and requires to them to excessively fatten up their devices? Occams Razor says no. I agree that slot-loading drives has some annoying limitations, but that hasnt stopped Apple from using them exclusively in all their Macs, except the Mac Pro in which a full-sized, full-speed tray-loading drive makes sense. Whats up with all the anger? You do realize that most people dont usually explode and start name-calling when someone mentions the change to a different optical format in a laptop. For your information, Apple uses a tray loading drive in all the standard MacBooks. Only the MBP, and imac use a jurassic park theme loading drive. The MBP is due for a redesign. The Sony Vaio Z is a really nice looking light weight laptop it weighs 4 lbs. That is less weight than the MBP and almost the same weight as the MBA. So no a re-design including BD does not have to be clunky. Maybe you should open your mind a little to more alternatives for tech than just being stuck on a design which has had little significant change since 2000 with the Titanium PB.

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