Mad cow disease funny Was it a sign that Best Buy didnt have

Mad cow disease funny Was it a sign that Best Buy didnt have much faith in the selling power of Sonys console? Interestingly, Best Buy seems to be pitching the PS3 as much for its Blu-ray movie capabilities as for its gaming abilities. I think thats a mistake, and a disservice to the high quality exclusive games that are available on the PS3 Uncharted, Resistance 1 and 2, Ratchet and Clank, Killzone 2, etc. Its a mistake because while, a year ago, the PS3 was basically the cheapest and best Blu-ray player on the market, prices for standalone Blu-ray players have dropped substantially since then. While the PS3 might still be one of the best BR players out there, its definitely no longer the least expensive. Oh, and that 79 price tag for HDMI and USB cables borders on the offensive. Not as bad as the 89 HDMI cable a few pages later, though yeah, its a Monster cable. Research outfit SNL Kagan released a report today predicting that, while standard definition DVD commands 1 percent of the home video market today, high definition Blu-ray players and movies will grow to 7 percent of the market in 2014 and 1 billion in sales. Blu-ray will ultimately hit 8 percent market share in 2017, generating 6 billion in revenue. While that sounds like good news for Blu-ray, 2017 will likely be the high water mark for the format. SNL Kagan also predicts that by 2017, 8 million homes will have fast enough broadband connections to receive streaming videos over the Internet the press release I received doesnt say if the connections will support HD video streams or just standard def, compared to 1 million homes with Blu-ray players. At that point, consumers will begin abandoning Blu-ray and just watching movies online. That sounds about right to me, and if Blu-ray can eke out about 10 years of solid sales with residual sales seeping in even as we make the transition to online delivery I think the consumer electronics industry will be happy with that. It will be interesting to see, though, whether Sony and other CE companies try to release a successor disc technology to Blu-ray boasting even higher resolution or some other benefit that would be prohibitive for online streaming, such as 3D, or embrace online video and just go with the flow. And the Blu-ray drive isnt even a recorder, so you cant transfer your VHS tapes to Blu-ray which would be like pouring the leftover gas out of your lawnmower to power the Space Shuttle. But if you really want to watch those bleary, fuzzy episodes of Cheers that you taped in 1986 alongside your new Blu-ray copy of The Dark Knight, all your wildest dreams are about to come true with the DMP-BD70V. Im a big fan of the sleek, Star Trek look of this new BD-P4600 Blu-ray player just unveiled by Samsung. While Im skeptical that anyone has ever wanted to actually wall mount their Blu-ray player, its no skin off my back. But there is one thing seriously wrong with this device: the color. First of all, this is a Blu ray player, Samsung. So make it glow blue! But even if you dont want it to be blue, red is the last hue you should have chosen as an alternative, since red was the signature color of HD-DVD, Blu-rays onetime rival. Instead, the company continues to plump for its silly XDE technology which is really just an upconverting DVD player. To repeat my earlier point: Toshiba released HD-DVD and supported it to the bitter end because it obviously believed that there was a significant future for high definition content on a physical storage medium. So regardless of whether YOU think online HD video will soon surpass disc-based video, Toshiba did not believe that. So this refusal to endorse Blu-ray isnt some kind of principled belief that online HD video is the future. What it is is a stubborn and petulant refusal to lose gracefully. The Adamo and the Vaio Pocket arent really aiming at the same market the ultra-thin Adamo seems to be Dells answer to Apples slender MacBook Air and the Vaio Pocket is a netbook a la Eee PC but together they mark the latest proof that laptops are where the action is in the computer biz these days. The base version of the Adamo looks to cost about 1500, with additional options such as a Blu-ray you know, Steve Jobs famous bag of hurt. So far there are no pics of the device, but an official unveil is expected at CES. The Vaio Pocket is much less mysterious, thanks a variety of leaks from Sony. The extra-wide device will sport an 8-inch screen with 1600×768 resolution and come with the ever-popular Intel Atom processor. Price looks to be about 1000, which is pricey for a netbook. So Sony appears to be cornering/creating the premium netbook niche. So expect CES to be very laptop-centric when the show kicks off on Thursday. Overall, Blu-ray has accounted for about 13 percent or 7 million copies of the 5 million copies of the movie sold so far, reports High-Def Digest: Widely expected to one of the formats all-time time sellers, Batmans high-def bow was sure to be impressive, and indeed its 7 million worldwide opening salvo handily trumped the previous record-holder for first week sales, Paramounts Iron Man which is now reported to have approached 500, 000 units in its opening frame. According to studio estimates, The Dark Knights Blu-ray sales accounted for almost 13 percent of the 5 million combined Blu-ray and DVD sales for the title thus far. Domestically, The Dark Knight sold over 1 million Blu-ray units in its first week, including the blockbuster 600, 000 first-day sales of the title reported earlier this week. Warner expects sales to continue strongly throughout the holiday season, with final 2008 sales for The Dark Knight expected to top over 2 million worldwide. The real question, though, is whether The Dark Knight has any coattails. In other words, did people who previously did not own Blu-ray players buy them because of this movie and, if so, will they buy any mad cow disease funny Blu-ray movies? Or will this be their only Blu-ray movie purchase, and now theyll just go back to watching DVDs on their new Blu-ray players? If the movie industry really wants Blu-ray to supplant DVD, then I think Andrew is right: Blu-ray movies have to be as cheap as DVD movies. The price of the players themselves is less important, since thats a one-time expense. But most people, especially in the current economy, probably arent going to build a Blu-ray library if each movie costs 10 to 20 more than the same movie on DVD. The entry More than 1 million Blu-ray copies of The Dark Knight sold in the first weekis tagged: Blu-ray, The Dark Knight If this indeed is the make or break period for Blu-ray, then these initial sales results have to be encouraging for fans of the high definition format. Researchers found that consumers bought 147, 000 standalone Blu-ray players the week of Thanksgiving, up 300 percent from the same period in 2007, while Blu-ray movie sales quadrupled from that same period. Full release is after the break.

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