Moving on They already had their succsess, he had to dick

Moving on They already had their succsess, he had to dick ride to get his. All he talks about is his disdain for his mother and all women in general, taking drugs, and committing suicide. He was the first person to fuse Emo with Hip Hop, which is digustingly horrible crappage. If I hear another song about him killing a pregnant women, or a homosexual, or doing drugs I ll write a letter to him myself, pleading him to get some proper subject matter. That shit IS NOT true hip hop no matter what any of his groupies say. Maybe to those who don t really have any knowledge of hip hop, how and why it all started, and what seperates hip hop from rap. Granted he s a great wordsmith with versatility and delivery, it takes alot moving on than that to be considered great by true hip hop heads. Hip hop empowers, unifies ppl of all backgrounds, despite sexual orientation or religious beliefs, causes positive change in the minds of those who hear it, thus they go on to make a positive change in their lives and the way they interact with thy fellow man and woman. I ve never heard Em say anything positive. He s a commercial tool to garner more white dollars, and the shit works like gangbusters. To all of you saying Eminem is the best ever, or Lil Wayne is the best GET A GRIP, and please go listen to some real hip hop. Man I wish Chuck D was still MCing! wayne raps about sex, drugs and money. any1 could do tht! wat em does is actually rap about life and stuff tht has meaning also em has sold way more albums Comment by eminem v. wayne ur dam rite whoever like dat nigga wayne is on dat nigga s nutz cuz he rappin abot da same shit all da time: Money, Cars, clothes, hoes, and drugs. while eminem, which is betta then wayne, raps abot his life, family and teenage lifestyle plus dat nigga funny when he nigga wayne when he freestyle he has to slow down to think. he makes a crew called young money and dat one dude drake iz betta the him dats started in 2008 and wayne started in about it I could not have said it better! Lil Wayne sucks in my opinion. His shit does not flow like Eminem and it never will. He is the best rapper in the world! lil wayne is the shit. lil wayne will make eminem suck his dick thats why he made a video about it. with dre and how his mom never let him. so i wll make you suck lil wayne s dick BITCH, SHIT, NIGGER HUH!!!! NO RAPPER IS A MATCH FO EMINEM U JUST COMMENTING OVER THIS SHIT FO NO REASON NIGGA. LOSE YOURSELF LOLLIPOP. EM WINS NO LOVE DROP THE WINS AGAIN You re an has one of the weakest raps compared to em or dr only reason he s so popular is because there is no one else with a good far as music is concerned this little nigga can sing only about bitches and a thug life he never had. wtf! wayne is better than eminem. way way better!!! ya mothafucka sayin tha doggy mothasucka named wayne s beta than eminem lol nigga eminem is 100% way beta than Wayne n co eminem is tha best rapper ever alive eminem s flow, lyrics, beats r way beta than wut tha mothasucka Wayne got in his spanky ass wayne is tha best now cuz there ain t nobody wit a beta album than his Wayne is at his 6th album if i got good memories it s jst now he became popular do u know how many millions of copies em s sold since tha Marshall mathers ep? only in da USA eminem has sold 4millions of copies em is 2nd behind tupac who sold 5 millions of copies goin worldwide eminem s his the best seller ever alive we ll neva compare anotha rapper 2 eminem so pussy innocents shut all ya mothasucka mouths cuz wayne said: em is a legend, n i have the perfect song 4 him, i really wanna team up with shady jst on 1 song, n i hope that em will respond 2 me Scared? Why the fuck would Em be scared? are u serious? lol. You do know wanye is garbage rap on the trail of conformity. While eminem is a real lyricist who actually can freestyle well. Can you honestly go verse for verse with eminem? I think not. em is one of my favorites if not my favorite in the game but if you think em can freestyle better than weezy somethin wrong maybe and i stress maybe he can freestyle as good but not better no! Yo to all do u guys listen 2 rap or just skim through it eminem makes up better lyrics den lil wayne damn. he said they must be scared; to somebody who hella sensitive they probably would take that as a diss. who really cares what the next nigga got to say. stop hating he didnt directly diss him he didnt say his name. this is irrelavent It was much of diss, cause nobody can mess with Em, and definitely Em isnt scared of anyone especially this wack nia who has saturated hip-hop with mass produced shit, lollypop has got to be one of the worst songs i ve ever heard. this lil bitch needs to stop drinking that syrrup because its killed halg his brain, hes moving on than the retarded kids at school. i used to thin Wayne was one of illest rappers out there, but i m have lost a lot of respect for this man hes slower than the retarded kids at school. LOL i m pretty sure thats what wayne would want. you need to quit suckin wayne dick ova the computer he dont give a fuck bout his fans em do dumbass and ayyyy he is slower then the retarded kids at school.

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