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Also, Katie is secretly planning on divorcing Osbourne to hopefully seek a life together with Harry who is also married. At the advice of Katies divorce lawyer, she copies many of her mrs doubtfire restaurant clip personal and financial files off his computer onto a CD-R disc. The CD-R disc of these files eventually mrs doubtfire restaurant clip its way into the hands of the divorce lawyers receptionist. Dont ask me how this happens or why she has the disc with her, but the lawyers receptionist accidentally leaves the disc at Hardbodies, a gym she works out at during lunch. A middle-aged employee of the gym, Chad Feldheimer Brad Pitt, retrieves this disc found by the gyms custodian. Chad immediately looks at the content of the disc on his computer. He automatically comes to the conclusion that he has stumbled upon classified information of utmost value to someone. He fills his co-worker Linda Litzke Frances McDormand in on his discovery. Ironically, Linda has also begun seeing Katies lover Harry Pfarer. Harry is quite the womanizer as that is not even the cusp of the number of affairs he is currently having. Anyway, Chad and Linda decided to blackmail the owner of the disc that was found in the gym. After tracking down Osbourne Cox, they call him thinking that he would be genuinely concerned with the safe retrieval of the classified information found within the disc, and in turn, offer them a generous reward for their honesty and help. Linda was hoping any possible reward money could be used to pay for the cosmetic surgery she wants. They were both so dead wrong in their way of thinking. Chad eventually met with Osbourne who was not thrilled at all to be playing a game of blackmail. They picked the wrong guy to play this game with. Desperate, Linda takes the disc to the Russian embassy, falsely promising them that she can deliver more information. Chad, angry at the fact that Linda lied to the Russian embassy about their being more information, decides to break into Osbournes house as a final desperate measure to help Linda out. This where the proverbial sh really hits the fan. If I managed to whet your appetite so far, then you will just have to give it a watch to witness the damage that develops from the movies intertwining stories that eventually all come full circle. It really is a small world after all. If you do not want to read about any potential spoilers, please skip down to the Video section of my review as to not ruin anything for yourself in regards to my next paragraph of conversation. Burn After Reading starts out very slow. Perhaps if I was not reviewing this movie, I may have been tempted to turn it off after the first 20 minutes or so. To me, it is always a bad sign when you pick the Blu-ray player remote up this early on to determine how much viewing time is left. However, after reaching the first half-hour mark, the film really started to pick up and became quite whimsically interesting. I really should have known better from my experience with No Country For Old Men. I actually did not notice the next hour fly by as I was really into the movie and all the intertwining stories going on and then Bam! Out of nowhere the movie comes to a screeching halt, as all the active and blossoming stories get resolved in the background with onscreen characters just mildly talking about it. That same turn of events really turned me off in No Country For Old Men. Had it not been for one of the baddest villains in cinematic history, I may have never given No Country For Old Men another thought. While I enjoyed Burn After Reading, I really can never see myself going back for a second visit. I am not sure if this is a phenomenon that happens in all Coen Brothers movies or not as these are the only two I mrs doubtfire restaurant clip ever seen.

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