Nowhere to run trailer I give huge kudos to you

Nowhere to run trailer I give huge kudos to you. I know it couldn t have been easy for you that week. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. Your information will not be shared. Meg Norris: Just as long as we are still allowed to enjoy bacon on our balconies. Mike: Linda, while i by no means am defending the Cubans, I would like to point out there is no official language I started this blog when a lady called Stephanie said Oh John, please write a blog, it will only be for a week and won t take up much of your time. That was back in 1492 and here I am still writing in the same pair of underpants. I am so privileged to have an opportunity to guest blog here at IndieHorror. Thanks for having me Matt! My names Jeff BenningtonIm an Indie author and proud of it. Why? Because if Im going to do all this work, writing, self-editing, social media, and marketing, I better get nowhere to run trailer for it because I dont have time to do it for a measly. 95 per copy sold. Damn right Im Indiethat is, until a big publisher offers me a life changing contract. Anyway, Im excited about the release of my supernatural thriller, REUNION, which officially launches into space on April 15 In addition, Im about to embark on a 45-day blog tour: April 1 When Matthew heard what I was doing he asked if Id write a guest post about my experience. We decided that Id write a pre and post tour guest blog so the members of Indie Horror can get an idea what works and what doesnt when planning a book launch. Ill start by telling you what I did wrong with the release of my nowhere to run trailer book, Killing the Giants, a political thriller Aug 200 I paid to get my book published. That was my first mistake. Sure I kept all my royalties, blah, blah, blahbut I had to pay extra for every darn thing that I found out later was freelike the Kindle edition, Look Inside the book feature, etc yeah, I paid 99 for each option! I did not get my book professionally edited. I did not get a professional cover. I did not get pre-launch reviews. I did not study up on the Indie publishing industry. I knew nothing. I was dumb as a box of rocks as far as publishing is concerned. Killing the Giants is currently under revision construction. Now, fast-forward two years. Ive learned a lot from those mistakes. To begin with, because of a couple bad reviews, I began an intensive study regiment to improve my writing skills. I read four or five nowhere to run trailer on writing, editing, style, etc. I wrote every day and read more fiction than ever. And then, in my free time, if you want to call it that, I wrote two more novels: REUNION and my next book, coming in late 2011, Act of Vengeance. After writing A o V, I went back to Reunion, which was originally called David Rays 20 and started revising, editing, etc. And then by a stroke of luck, I won a free book edit that actually turned into two free edits long story, not going there. Then, when I knew that Reunion was starting to look pretty good, I began the planning process of my book launch. Heres what I think Im doing right. Ill let you know how it turns out in 45 days Started planning about 3-4 months ahead. Original release date was April After editing was complete, I sent book to a final proofer. Cost me 1 I formatted my interior. I have a MAC so it was easy to transform file into a PDF. I studied The Book Designers Blog to learn which fonts to use.

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