Paris blues part 1 However, I

Paris blues part 1

However, I think Apple is severely behind in the laptop market now. They used to be about equal. When companies like Sony can sell a pretty good looking laptop with Bluray drive built-in as well as HDMI out, webcam, etc for the same price as a MacBook, it bothers me. Blu-ray discs arent thin enough. 😀 People wanted to make DVDs half as thick to fit better into magazines and make it more environment-friendly. A DVD only uses half of its thickness for data the reflecting material is sandwitched between two acrylic discs, so you could just put the label onto the reflective material like CDs and make it half as thick. But these discs turned out to be very floppy and thus destroy disc drives they were put in rather quickly. It would probably work fine when you keep the thickness on the center part and have a thinner, but harder material like glass for the data. But if youve handled a glass CD negative used for stamp-pressing CDs, you know how awkward, heavy and fragile they are. PS: I obtained an IBM CPU-Wafer from an IT exposition once because It looked awesome as a mousepad. Fell on the floor and split into billions of pieces. I still find some sparkling stuff on the floor occasionally after 4 years. But damn, it was a cool mouse pad! So now I need to wait until January for a worthwhile Mac Mini update before I buy? Damn! If they release MBPs in few months, I hope that they offer blu-ray drives at least as a built-to-order option, even if the 6 update is not ready yet. Same here. Im not getting a new MBP until I can get a Blu-ray/DVD/CD combo drive in it. Im very pleased to at last be able to confirm once and for all that new macbooks will be released later. Some says new macbooks will come out in jan 09, some says shipping and will be out on oct 31, some says it will be launched on oct Can someone give 1 date hehe, its soo confusing, shell i buy a macbook now or Sony has lost this war, they just dont realize it yet. HD Downloads dont stand a chance at the moment with the way current ISPs are acting. Most major isps in the UK have either monthly caps in place, or even more annoyingly like mine, paris blues part 1 can only download 1gb within a 4 hour period otherwise your connection is capped at 25% its normal speed. As well as someone previously said, there just isnt a viable source to rent/buy HD downloads on the net for people outside the US yet. iTunes paris blues part 1 nothing. The only viable source I have is through my cable box, I can rent HD content through there, but no purchase. The real problem is that the IP provider need to figure out a way how to earn money on the ever expanding bandwith growth without people really paying for it. If the new MBPs dont have BR and HDMI, Im getting a Vaio. 😮 I wonder if the current line of Apple computers has enough horsepower to watch Blue-Ray Disc video smoothly. :confused: I hope that they do it. While I have given up on Optical formats, I know a lot of other people really want it for some reason, and they have a right to be happy too. Who cares about Bluray support? What people want is to play bluray movies with their drives. If I understand things right, this will not happen. The reason why Apple dont have a software bluray player is because of paris blues part 1 DRM that has to be implemented in an OS layer. I think its good that Apple took a stance against the crazy DRM in Bluray. Maybe Bluray alliance has loosen their requirements to give Apple keys to decrypt blurays streams. The bluray option is the only reason why I have switched my HTPC from a macmini to a PC. But since PC can play software blurays from disk images, I dont need and hardware bluray drive to wath Blurays. I have all my bluray and HDDVD movies on hard drives.

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