Paths of glory part 2 DAngelo of Las Vegas Weekly

Paths of glory part 2

DAngelo of Las Vegas Weekly. One critics pan of Pearl Harbor originally was ranked 40 out of 100, until he contacted the site to say it was more like a Marc Doyle, co-founder and senior product manager of Metacritic, which is now owned by CBS, says the sites employees read reviews carefully, will change scores if they are protested by reviewers, and will reconsider them if readers object. Its just a tool, like any other tool, he says of the site. Rotten Tomatoes reports the percentage of critics who recommended the movie as expressed either by their ratings or their words. A movie that pleases everyone but thrills no one thus can beat out a polarizing masterpiece. Sometimes, the films that are most hated are the most original, says Phillip Lopate, a writer and film critic. The Wrestler, for instance, was recommended by 98% of critics tracked by the site, the seventh highest Tomatometer of the year, but scored an 81 on Metacritic, which didnt even crack the sites Top 20 list. It just means that the overwhelming majority of critics at least liked the movie; it doesnt tell you if they loved it or not, says Scott Tobias, film editor for the Onions Club. Matt Atchity, editor in chief of Rotten Tomatoes, which like The Wall Street Journal is owned by News Corp. , defends the method, saying its far less dicey to turn reviews into thumbs up/thumbs down ratings than into numbers: You start getting into a really weird, messy gray area when you look at peoples gray areas. Neither Metacritic nor Rotten Tomatoes allows users to select critics whose opinions match their own, nor do they adjust for critics grading curves. For instance, according to Metacritic, Mr. Ebert gives 9 points more than the average critic. Joe Neumaier of the New York Daily News gives 8 points less. If a movie paths of glory part 2 to be reviewed by lots of Neumaiers, it may not paths of glory part 2 a fair shake. Metacritics Mr. Doyle says the site is exploring improvements, while trying not to get too complex. Even critics of numerical film reviewing express no desire to be left out of these aggregation sites. Inclusion confers some status, plus the sites link to the original reviews. The star system, however imperfect, has become entrenched beyond film with the advent of online reviews, complete with stars, for everything from cardiologists to consumer-electronic devices to contractors. Michelin has been assigning stars to restaurants, and teachers have been boiling down months of student work into a single grade since before the New York Daily News instituted its three-star system. I teach at Columbia, and Im required to assign a grade, says Mr. Lopate. Its equally unscientific, but if those are the terms of employment, then I do it.

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