Predator 2 part 1 full movie danny glover

Predator 2 part 1 full movie danny glover

; Now that I have MediaLink for my Mac, my PS3 finally is the media platform it was meant to be. Live is definitely far ahead of the PS3 offerings, but then again, free is a hard price to argue I had a PS2 long before I had an just flat out dont like the controller. BDA/Sony Please please please please please please put Blu-ray into your next XBox and make an add-on for the current one, you know were desperate to break out of the PS3 game console niche and will take any means possible to widen our market/appeal. Zothious You are a complete jack ass! The PS3 can do 1080P with out issues! I have never had any 1080p isuues with my 360 or PS3 just for the record. My HD-A2 seems to lose its HDMI handshake after a few hours of sitting idle though. gate1975mlm thankyou very much for the personal attack once again proving how immature the sony fanboys are. now before you go flaming me again, read what i said, i never said the ps3 cant do 1080p, if you actualy read what i said, the game developers are releasing alot of the high profile games as 720p only for the PS now before you go making more silly comments, educate yourself about what you want to say such as READING a persons post. Its really funny how many of you really just dont know what your talking about. Xbox Fanyboys and all those Ps Sony fanboys who are so outspoken beating their chests about how wonderful their new bloated PS3s are. Oh and if they actualy checked the wonderful 1080p content of the PS3 they would find they only run at 720p where the 360 equil is actaly at 1080p. here is a lesson for all of you, Microsoft have no interest in HDDVD or BulRay, the only reason microsoft got behind HDDVD was for their own draw out the Hi Def war as long as possible. Microsoft has had more then enough money to end the war at any time. Why didnt thats the question you should be asking yourselves. A Bluray add on by microsoft makes sence, they need to support the only hidef optical format out there, which is now bluray, only makes for all of you read the wont put a bluray in for games as it is too slow for load times. And having games on bluray would not improve a game, it would just add more cinematics and reduce the gameplay. ok you can start to flame me now if you like, just to prove how little you do know. Blu-Ray too slow load for games? What are you talking about? The PS3 limited to 720p? Are you kidding or what? More space for games would add cinematics and reduce gameplay? Really, you dont know what you are talking about. High-resolution textures for 720p and 1080p games require a lot of space on disc, better the graphic predator 2 part 1 full movie danny glover overall and higher the space requirements will be. You are the one here that doesnt know and should check into things before claiming this or that. DRM locked downloads wont replace physical formats for a long time, if ever. Bandwidth at home wont be enough until 2015-2018 at least and by 2012-2014 the UHDV 32MegaPixel standard should start replacing HDTV with H. 265 codec and 500GB an 1000GB holographic discs. what are you talking about? Takahashi reports that he raised an important technological point, however, and raised it directly to Glasgow: Xbox 360 games require a fast launch time for discs which Blu-ray may not be able to provide. As for digital downloads, too far off, 2015, id like you to walk into Steve Jobs office and tell him that, as well as the entire movie sure that the people at netflix would appreciate that too. Face it people Bluray is the last of the optical format for main stream consumers. Reason, its not about the technology, or about how much a disk can hold, its about the distribution, its about control. People, and im talking mum and dad consumer here, not the fanboys, dont care about hidef, teenagers dont care about quailty, if they did iTunes wouldnt be the nunber two retailer of music in the US. What people want is ease of use, they want to be able to sit back in their lounge chairs with a remote and rent a movie. Microsoft, Apple, NetFlix just to name three know and understand this. hidef gaming, now i never said that the PS3 is limited to 720p, read my said that the games that the studio houses are putting out are limiting them, dont belive me, check your sony ps3 games documentation, its right there if you care to read it, Devil May Cry 4: PS3 720p, 360 1080p, Assassins Creed the same, COD 4 the same not many support 1080p for the ps3 at the current time. Now i will admit this might not be true in all it is true in atleast the 2 that i care about. all the technology in the world is great for the fanboy, but for mum and dad consumer who dont have a hdtv, hidef is meaning less, only less then 5% of the US population have hidef, in australia its less then 1%, to these people spending 3000 on a tv and another 400 on a player is not in the relm of possibility. what can they afford, a little box like the appletv? sure why not, they like apple itunes, xbox 360? if marketed correctly sure why not, we get games too, a pc? hey predator 2 part 1 full movie danny glover already have that. People stop being fanboys and look at the world for what it really is and what people actualy Do you work for Microsoft, I wonder. ? Really, what are you talking about? Have you ever played any game on a PS3? And thats too slow for you? Dont be silly! Its not any quicker on the XBox3 Telling that the PS3 is slow at loading games off of Blu-Ray its a silly statement. Blu-Ray transfer rates are much higher than DVD discs and that on the PS3 its not just a basic 1x Whatever Gates and Jobs might think along with some movie producers simply doesnt matter. People will keep wanting to touch what they paid for, they wont allow some rich people with no clue of capitalism and basic respect for customers to rip them off thru downloaded DRM crippled content thats a pain to transfer between devices and cant be played anywhere. Thats the main reason why holographic discs is going to be the next optical medium after Blu-Ray, and in fact Sony has already spent a lot of money of the technology and its working to deliver it in the next few years, probably when the PS4 will be released around the 2011-2012 timeframe. Then all your nonsense regarding no one knows about HDTV and such, what a pretty silly statement. Go back by 8-10 years and no one knew about xDSL either, so what? Look at now and you see that things have changed a lot worldwide.

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