Scanners Bush hatred drives or


Bush hatred drives or poisons almost everything in liberal politics now. Its also nonsense to say that this is about the people versus the establishment. Robert Byrd of West Virginia has been in the Senate since the mid-Jurassic period. That old, calcified chewing gum stuck underneath the establishments chair? He put it there. HA hA CHARLIE!!!!! BURN on the EDITORZ they can t handle the TRUTH ! Asshat is just making good, old-fashioned, sense. Rarely has an argument Scanners crafted with such care, lucidity, and visionary wisdom. What manner of wizard do ye be, oh lord? Your a liebrul arent you ToadD? Always sniffing around the Eds and dreaming about sucking on the Madeline Albrights toes! Well they arent going to be able to SAVE YOU THIS TIME. Prepare to meat your maker liberlanazi fascist communists national health care pinkos!!!!!! How did you know about Madeline and I? Notes on a scandal indeed! I can t believe that Asshat just Grammar flamed! Secretary of State Madeleine Albright felt that calling terrorist states rogue nations was too judgmental, so she rechristened them states of concern. I know because I was in college at the time and had friends scream at me, Peace through strength is like virginity through fcking. Ah, the liberal arts. In that spirit I have been watching reruns of The Six Million Dollar Man on the Sci Fi Channel. If I am not mistaken, Steve Austin has two bionic legs, one bionic arm, and one bionic eye. Last week they had an episode where the 6 Million Man was swimming at bionic speeds. Now, wouldnt he just swim in circles? YOU tell them CHARLIE!!!!! Good POINT on Albright. DONt GET ME STARTED ON RENO! Sifu, I apologize that Capt. Trollypants trotted out your personal private information. I hope that your tears may be assuaged by this. T finally did it. He peed into the wind while spitting and poking a turd and disturbing a hornet s nest. The nest of a single, but very large hornet. A hornet that is friends with privileges with Come now, that s a pseudo-silk troll. A comedy pretend troll. Each syntax error lovingly placed Scanners Maddy s toes in my my mouth my was the question? You know, for a very brief reading-impared second there, I had thought The Editors had just come out as The Saurus, who s probably the best battle rapper alive right now. So now you best step up, son, I don t like to be mistaken. And I thought that fucking for virginity bit is like fighting for peace? Ahem, I believe he just went right up to your face and dissed you. Please proceed to wax and milk. Dont yuo mean Madeline and me?!!!!!! LEARN ENGLISH!!! feat. Ernest Borgnine, Cee-Lo, and The Grinch It is a metaphorical certainty that soft drink didn t make Don Knots a better blogger Nooooooooooooo! Wisdom caught between Hannibal s mandible and you re that shred of jerky that suffers between his consciousness and his subconsious desires to meet Royal Ivey. It s your sushi Lucy, no don t leave it on Scanners street. It s raw fucking fish, THAT s why. What the fuck the garbage is only like thirty steps up that s nice, on my Airwolf Rain Slicker Fleeting beat downs on beat streets you meet progressive pollinators, you forgot yo dream book on the coffee table of my Uncle Ernie place. Yo, do you like Uncle Ernie? Yo yo, you be staying at an old dude s house? What the fuck. Stolen koolaid made it green for a gator to swallow, but your job s is to clean his teef Washed up on my reef of sorrow, shit you can t borrow MY tug boat Hold up, hold up, why does a young dude, I mean like I don t care if you re gay or my Uncle is like Do you need some boosting DVDs again. Yeah, I understand. YEAH, I said, I said yeah.

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