The condemned trailer

The condemned trailer hd

Unfortunately, this has been nothing but a disappointment so far. Once I had the unit connected my first concern was getting it activated on my Netflix account. I powered it up and it informed me that there was a firmware update available. I thought that was a cool feature, my Samsung never gave me a heads up. I ran the firmware update which went quickly, and proceeded to attempt to stream from Netflix. All I could get out of the unit was an error message; connection status the condemned trailer hd not be verified. After messing around for 30 minutes I called Sony and worked my way through Tier 1 and on to Tier 2 technical support. The conversation ended 1 hour and 15 minutes later without the issue resolved. I was told it looks like our server might be down so just try again tomorrow. Now that s customer service. I attempted to connect it about 8 hours later and it worked. With my Bravia Internet account now in full effect I added my Netflix account. One thing I must give kudos to Sony on is the interface they are using for Netflix. Instead of giant sized pictures of DVD covers they are using thumbnails for the shows in your queue. Much nicer to navigate. I want to interrupt my review to give you some background information on my Internet connection. I have Verizon FiOS which is about as good as it gets in the United States at this point. I pay extra for a 20Mbps symmetrical connection. For the uninitiated, that means 20Mbps downstream and upstream. I have used my Samsung BD-P2500 and my Playstation 3 to stream HD video from Netflix for quite a while now. Both work flawlessly over my connection. On to the test I started playing a movie in my Netflix queue which was in HD. The video looked great then 2 minutes into it the movie just stopped for about 30 seconds and resumed. Apparently the buffer is inadequate on this unit. I the condemned trailer hd up the same movie on the Playstation 3, and it worked fine. I then went to the Samsung BD-P2500 which I moved to a different location and opened the same movie; also perfect. I gave this unit 1 star because when you purchase a product you expect all of the features, especially one this important, to work. This Blu-ray player simply does not work. Sony appears to be on a downward slide in the electronics industry and unfortunately it continues with the BDP-N4 It begs the question, Is Sony even trying anymore? I have a support ticket open with Sony and will attempt to get this resolved through them. If they can t work it out next week then I will unfortunately have to return this unit to Amazon and try an LG BD3 If Sony is able to provide a solution, I will happily update this review and change the rating. Update: Sony has released another new firmware version which claimed to help with Internet streaming.

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