The fourth kind movie real footage

The fourth kind movie real footage

Requires codecs VC-1, H. 264, MPEG-2, and HDCP-compliant drivers and displays. OSX supports all but VC-1 out of the box. These codecs are mandatory for any device that claims to allow playback of Blu-Ray media. OSX does not have any support for HDCP, and Apples displays lack support as well. Without HDCP, devices cannot be marketed as HD ready in Europe. To enable Blu-Ray movie playback, Apple would need to: Ship a VC-1 codec. FFMpeg provides a free one, but its likely Apple will want to write their own. Possibly part of QuickTime X that will be brought back to QT This is mandatory. HDCP is technically not required for Blu-Ray playback. However, some disks may demand it, and will not play back in HD if the system does not support it. That may lead to class-action lawsuits. These lawsuits stand a reasonable chance of winning, as HDCP is required for HD ready marketing in Europe and other territories. A judge might not need much convincing to establish that marketing a non-HDCP device as capable of HD movie playback was wrong and misleading to customers. I doubt Apple will take that route. A more likely course of action is that, as drivers are rewritten for the true-64-bit Snow Leopard, HDCP support will be added. Perhaps Apple will ship a preliminary solution by giving leopard a VC-1 codec only, but I dont see much incentive for that. Movies are slow because of connection speeds. You illegally downloading movies is not exactly a prime comparison to a legitimate business model of buying from itunes, amazon, netlifx etc. You defeated your own argument with your we struggle to even get ADSL2 in more than 10% of the nation if that! statement. Until, worldwide, both internet connection speeds and the infrastructure behind the internet are such that they can sustain downloads of that size, in mass, physical media will the fourth kind movie real footage a big seller and cash cow for both music and movie companies. Vinyl has seen over a 15% increase in sales last so much for wanting everything digital and downloaded then eh? On the topic however, I have no idea why Apple, a member of the Blu-Ray consortium have yet to add support to their own products. It is rather illogical to me why they havent added the drives. With the current rumors of new notebooks etc, I cant see them being foolish enough to miss the up and coming holiday period of Christmas by not releasing Blu-Ray capable notebooks. illegally downloaded movies and everything else is a darn good comparison. if you think about you go onto a torrent site and look at how many times a movie has been downloaded, you will see that it can easily go higher than 100, 000 times. that could mean 100, 000 more sales for a company. which is quite a lot! it may not be a true comparison, but it is definately biting into the consumers decisions about whether to go legal or not. we struggle to get the faster speeds because of our largeness, that doesnt mean that the 10% which is where around 80% of our population lives doesnt have fast speeds. if movies were the fourth kind movie real footage at HD/BR quality then many people would download them, even on a 256kb cap it wouldnt take that long and would be much faster than on some torrent sites. oh and vinyl sales has increased probably because old people still think they are hip and in the fourth kind movie real footage in, and cant adjust to change. but u ahwell ignore the stereotype For your information, Apple uses a tray loading drive in all the standard MacBooks. Only the MBP, and imac use a slot loading drive. The MBP is due for a redesign. Umm, what? No they dont. In fact, none of Apples products except the Mac Pro have had tray-loading drives since about 200 Have you ever seen a MacBook? Umm, what? No they dont. In fact, none of Apples products except the Mac Pro have had tray-loading drives since about 200 Have you ever seen a MacBook? Yeah, my wife has one and it uses a tray loading drive. It is on the right hand side. You hit eject and the tray pops out. I havent looked lately at the new MB but I think it is still the same. Oops, my mistake! I see that the new one does have a slot loading drive. On hers the the lower portion of the back of the laptop pops out with a tray.

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