The heathers waiter The way

The heathers waiter

The way the plot gets moving is inexplicable dancing on graves? and the characters actions dont seem natural, but necessary to move the plot forward. Speaking of characters, most of the heathers waiter range for irritating Sid and Vincent to underwrittenunderplayed Harris, Frances, and for the most part, Kira. Allison, Harriss wife, comes across the best, while the few moments she has with Kira are probably the best character scenes in the movie. There are also problems with pacing. On the one hand, the film takes a while to get going, but on the other hand, the end seems overstuffed. Also, the tone ranges from character driven drama, and suspenseful build ups, to overblown special effects and even some attempts at humor. Its a schizophrenic experience, which really hurts its effectiveness. Extras include an audio commentary track, deleted scenes with optional audio commentary track, and a making of featurette with optional audio commentary track. I have no idea why the making of featurette has an audio commentary track. Just include that information in one of the interviews. Finally, theres a making of featurette on the special effects, specifically the ghosts, and storyboards. We start nearly a century ago, in 1913, in a mine in Addy, Pennsylvania. Children are used to plant the dynamite; since they are small, they can fit into the tight places. However, an accident results in many deaths. We cut to modern day and the Tunny family: Karen, the mother, and her two kids, Sarah and Emma. After their husbandfather dies, they inherit a house in nearby Carlton, where the mine used to be. As they arrive in town, they learn there have been a lot of disappearances over the years, they see this weird guy walking in the woods and there appears to be blood smeared on their door. General creepiness. Emma starts hearing voices from a young kid named Mary. Then, Sarah hears from some of the local teens that there are zombies in the woods, but thats just kids talk, right? So basically this movie is a combination of Scary House in the Woods movie and Scary Kids movie. Unfortunately, it borrows too heavily from both genres and never does enough to stand out. Thats not to say its a bad movie, its just so very average for its genre. I do like some of the performances, and the film is well made, it just doesnt have many surprises. Extras include an audio commentary track with the director and the lead actress. On a side note, this is the second film Ive reviewed recently where Chloe Grace Moretz has an imaginary friend that turns out to be a member of the undead. Strange coincidence. She is good in these roles and reminds me of Jodelle Ferland in the way that they are both equally talented at portraying an innocent and in need of protection, as well as creepy and possibly evil. Clare Grant and Jillian Murray play sisters, Megan and Abby Graves. They are very close, which is distressing for Abby, as Meg is moving from Arizona to New York City. Meg has always been the alpha sister and protected Abby, which has resulted in Abby never really having had to grow up. They are on one last road trip together, traveling to the worlds largest thermometer. Its not the destination that matters, but being together. When they get lost, a waitress at a diner recommends they visit Skull City Mines, a ghost town thats haunted. But when they get there, they find that the town is run by a murderous cult, and they worship some evil entity they call the Savior. Now theyve got to find a way to blah, blah, This is the seventh horror film Ive watched in two days, and its taking its toll. At this point, Ive seen so many cliches that Ive lost the ability to describe the films in detail. Simply put, this movie is a Deranged Family movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre plus a Spooky Cult movie Children of the Corn. I did like the Graves sisters the heathers waiter how Megan started out as more than just a screaming victim, while Abby had some character development. Also, the performances by Tony Todd and Bill Moseley helped, although the two of them seemed to be coming from different movies. On the other hand, theres very little here thats truly scary, nor does it add anything to the genre. Finally, its climax is rather weak, even compared to the rest of the movie.

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