This is spinal tap drummer deaths

This is spinal tap drummer deaths

What started as mostly our friends using the boards to hang out turned into a serious rap battle forum with some really chill new members. Just about everyone we met ended up being good friends and we had a blast. In recent years the quality of hip hop has started to slide and some of our old friends agreed that the quality of new comers interested in hip hop was also on the decline. There was still the odd gem who was talented and made a good addition to the community but the vast majority of newbies all across different rap boards were either 13 or typed like they were. Slowly, running the forums became less and less fun and the admins became noticabley absent. In short, this stopped being fun. There were fewer and fewer people who I enjoyed talking too and even fewer who could hold up a decent conversation. So why close our doors now? A few days ago we started getting some serious errors on the boards and I kicked into regular repair mode. After spending some time working it out I got even worse errors and we got a serious crash. It was actually going OK until I made the mistake of getting our hosting professionals to help and they crashed the boards. At this point I decided that as the only original admin left, its a good time to cut the cord. The forums were a great expereince and this site was a huge stepping stone for me-it got me started in internet marketing and for that its invaluable. The buy hip hop beats page and this one will stay up. Huge thank yous to everyone who contributed over the four year history. Amsid, KING, 21, Duty, Crazco and many more. This shut down would have happened a long time ago this is spinal tap drummer deaths the mod team so big thanks to them. If anyone wants to get in touch, send me an email: atgmaildotcom Returning members login below, dont have an account? REGISTER NOW! Grind Time Lounge Battles Tour 9 stops at I Used To Love for the night of June 19th 2011! Full event details battlecard, there WILL be a freestyle battle competition One of Grind Time West Coasts main events from LA Riot 6, The Saurus this is spinal tap drummer deaths on Philly Swain, hosted by Cadalack Ron, Absyrd, Lush One. This battle was taken with 1 day preparation and ended up becoming a classic!! One of the main event battles from GTNYs Most Hated event. PH takes on Dirt in a highly anticipated match up. Who will win, the seasoned veteran, or the fan favorite? Watch to find out! Bridge City Battle 5 Main Event, Illmaculate battles long time homie 9DM, in both the biggest and most personal NW match, up to date. Hosted by Cool Nutz, who do you think took it? Click here to vote now! Math goes in on the whole battle scene Okwerdz says he will murder Math Hoffa. Shotgun Suge, Young Tef Chozen Few, Fli Fetti, D-Holla, Tsu Surf Cypher. Make sure your check it out leave your comments. Grind Time Lounge Battles Tour 9 stops at I Used To Love for the night of June 19th 2011! 16 Man Freestyle Battle over beats, Winner gets a spot in the Lounge Battles Final also held in Miami Live Performances by: Madd Illz, MyVerse DNA.

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