Total recall 2070 I can

Total recall 2070

I can understand if Robert Wise s new digital effects weren t rendered for HD although it s a shame that Paramount didn t render it at film resolution and make the new effects more part of the film, but I would think that the extra scenes for ST 2 and 6 would be as simple as scaning the film of those scenes along with the rest of the movie. However, I can t wait to see the original effects of TMP. I m a big fan of original special effects and I can t wait to see the original cut of the film. I predicted they d release TOS on Blu-ray in time for the new movie, but it s still been a long wait! I hope the U. S edition s packaging is like the European one shown and in standard cases, instead of those hideous boxes where all the disks come loose! Nice I m really glad to hear that they ll be bundling the original eps with this, so I can get rid of my other sets and save some space on the shelf. I m also glad that they re going with normal packaging; as neat as the TOS season set packaging is, it s not very practical or durable. Gimme the old amaray-style case anyday. Bottom Line FULL RE-MASTER FOR BLU-RAY or DONT BOTHER. Fully agree. AARE YOU LISTENING PARAMOUNT????? TOS BD is a go for me as I passed on the HD-DVD sets. Oh, and I want the Directo s cuts of the movies much superior! The total recall 2070 set looks awful. And how do five or six films make a trilogy? These will most likely be the feared remastered but not cleaned-up for HD films that were discussed a while back. They will look awful, and the wonderful re-edited Directors Cut of TMP, with new FX done in SD will never see the light of day. Judging by the source of the story A Norwegian video mag and the poor artwork, I d bet it s a hoax anyway. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire January 23, 2009 Finaly Star Trek Is coming to blu Rey. This is going to be the best year for Trek since 182 and 19 So Kool Guess I ll have to check out Bluray one of these days. I ve never even seen a disk or an image from one. Wouldn t know what it was if I saw it. Capt Mike of the Terran Empire January 23, 2009 Ok. I meant 1 Hey i just got out of the Agoniser booth for disobeying the Emperior. They really should come out with some official word about Star Trek: The Motion Picture Director s Cut. It is far and away superior to any previous version, especially the original theatrical release. They should at least say if they re going to get the new effects up to speed for Blu-Ray. The fact that they weren t done in high definition in the first place is hard to believe. Eduardo Cordeiro January 23, 2009 3-D TV is dead in the water, right? No one wants shell out thousands of dollars to upgrade their home theaters just a few years after making the jump to HD. And the glasses! Blergh! Well, while those arguments certainly capture how I feel about buying a 3-D television, apparently there are plenty of people who are taking the plunge. Research firm DisplaySearch reported this week that shipments of 3-D LCD sets totaled 9 million units in the first quarter of 2011, up 104 percent from the total recall 2070 quarter of 20 Overall, 3-D LCD sets made up 9 percent of all LCD panels shipped in the quarter. And, as you can see, that penetration rate is expected to soar over the next few years: Whats driving that growth? Well, I think one factor is that anyone in the market for a high-end HD set these days is probably going to go ahead and just get a 3-D TV. After all, you can just watch a regular 2-D signal on any 3-D television. You never have to take the glasses out of the box if you dont care about 3-D.

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