White fang 2 myth of the white wolf part 1

White fang 2 myth of the white wolf part 1

Sony had the right idea make it easy and put the player in the console from the start. Over here in the UK when you also consider that PS3 will get a PVR upgrade, Sony and Blu-Ray were onto a winner. Was too lazy to go into all those great aspects to the PS3 but when I got into checking those capabilities out I was amazed and how useful they are. What will Michael Imperioli use to watch his movies now??? It was all marketing. Sony knew how they lost back in the beta days and learned from that. The idea of having the PS3 with the blue ray player was solid gold and from that moment they had it in the bag. It didnt help Toshiba any that there marketing was no good either. The denser DVD formats are good for backing up scads of data from my HDD. Should there be a Hollywood movie that benefits greatly from high definition, I may be persuaded to go out and buy a Blu-Ray DVD player for my TV. I will be secure in the knowledge that I will be deprived of some fair uses of any Blu-Ray DVDs that I may purchase. Hollywood should have figured out how to press high def movies on vinyl. The dirt and scratches alone would assure nobody wants my copies. Yup, I have watched this one closely from day The better technology lost here for sure. Microsoft can be thanked for killing HD-DVD with their half hearted attempt at supporting it on the 3 The 360 was first to market and if it white fang 2 myth of the white wolf part 1 of shipped with the HD-DVD drive as originally planned I am quite sure Blu-ray would have never surfaced months later after HD-DVD began its true stranglehold on the market. PS3 have sold more units in the last year to be strictly a blu-ray player and this killed HD-DVD. I am a victim as I bought the 360 add on drive, but I saw the doom and gloom for HD-DVD and picked up a PS3 boxing day for 3 So I guess I will add some cheap HD-DVDs to my collection and I will continue to buy 360 games and let my PS3 sit there for movies only. Congrats to Sony and Blu Ray! Now if Sony can just fix the PS3 to send bitstream DTS master audio to a compatible receiver all will rest easy. HP is currently offering Blu-rayHD DVDDVD combo drives on their new desktop computers. I wonder how long its going to take them to go HD DVD Free. Now, support for HD DVD is a negative, not a positive. I imagine that Blu-ray readers will soon be standard equipment on most computers. I ebnded up with a HD-DVD player for about 40 so i have one. It works great for upconverting standard dvds. But i have always wanted blu ray over HD-DVD. Anything Microsoft backs is well worth staying away from. Just like the Sync on ford cars i would never want a car with microsoft software running on it. With the way all the other stuff they make works id be afraid it might freeze up and tell me i have to white fang 2 myth of the white wolf part 1 over and roll up my windows in order to reboot. One problem is MS is always trying to much at one time. They have to have their hands in everything. They never thought about a graphics interface operating system till Apple had one and it sold well. Then the MP3 Market takes off and so they have to make a zune. Then the game industry booms so they have to be a part of that. And just cant keep up with it all. instead of making a few things really great they make 10 dozen things half right.

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