You me and dupree trailer official

You me and dupree trailer official

He cant take a mud bath without being invaded by swamp tourists. Knowing hes desperate for a change, the disgruntled Rumpelstiltskin voiced by Walt Dohrn offers Shrek a chance live one day as his old ogre self. The catch, as I understand it, is that one day out of his past will be erased from time give a day to get a day, according to Rumpelstiltskin. Shrek agrees you me and dupree trailer official signs a contract, although he fails to specify precisely which day hell let Rumpelstiltskin have. Bad move; hes transported to an alternate Far Far Away thats ruled by Rumpelstiltskin and has fallen into ruin. There are other changes. At Rumpelstiltskins bidding, ogres are hunted by wicked witches and forced into slavery. Shreks best friend, Donkey voiced by Eddie Murphy, now a lowly cart puller, has never met Shrek and is afraid of him. Puss in Boots voiced by Antonio Banderas is now an obese housecat and owned by Fiona voiced by Cameron Diaz, no longer Shreks beloved wife and mother to his children but rather the iron-clad leader of an underground ogre resistance. Like Donkey, she has no idea who Shrek is. Stranger still, shes back under the curse that factored into the first film. In this new Far Far Away, its as if Shrek had never been born. If hes to set everything right, he must turn to that most reliable of fairy-tale clich s: Receiving true loves kiss before the following sunrise. What are Rumpelstiltskins motives? I leave it to you to find out. I will say that his reasons are about as good as they can be for a fairy tale. I liked this character; big of ego and short of stature, hes villainous in a childish, sniveling sort of way, making for a great deal of fun when he loses his temper. Many of the previous films more memorable side characters are used far less frequently in Shrek Forever After, making for a film that feels oddly condensed. The appearances of Pinocchio, the Three Little Pigs, and Gingy the Gingerbread Man, for example, are reduced to mere cameos, which is a missed opportunity for some great comedy. Im especially fond of Gingy, with his iced legs and candy eyes and grating voice. In the alternate Far Far Away, he has become a battle-scarred gladiator who fights for the amusement of cheering crowds; the fact that his opponents are animal crackers and that he uses a broken lollipop as a weapon is, in my warped way of thinking, inherently funny. Maybe its because foods of such childish innocence have become violent. Or maybe it has something to do Gingy being one tough cookie. It seems that the films biggest draw, aside from being you me and dupree trailer official last in the series, is its release in 3-D. Ive championed certain 3-D films Disneys A Christmas Carol, How to Train Your Dragon, Avatar, but now that its back in the mainstream, Im coming to the realization that, generally speaking, its an overrated marketing gimmick.

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