Wrong turn 4 trailer 2010 It

Wrong turn 4 trailer 2010

It MUST be the 57 version, If you install the 58 version, you gonna have problems. No nmatter Windows XP or Seven you have. Sorry, I mean Avysinth insted of FFDSHOW. Hmm now that is a possibility, however a remote one. It could be a plugin conflict, or a filter difference. The odd thing is that it works for me on XP and there isn t much of a difference in the way Avisynth works on Windows But hey, I m not running Windows 7, so it s possible you are right. When I finally get some time on my hands, I may be able to find out exactly how right you are. Something curious is happening when I try to use BD-Rebuilder on Ong Bak I set it to movie-only mode, target size BD The input BD size is 40 GB. After going through its extracting AV streams step, which takes ten minutes or so, rather than encoding like it s supposed to, a window pops up that says Windows is trying to configure Roxio Creator Premier 10, which I don t even know if I have installed on my new Dell. What s weird is that when I tried the exact same thing with Law Abiding Citizen input BD size was 52 GB, I made a backup to a DVDR just fine. Both movies I originally ripped to my HDD using AnyDVD HD. Any idea why Law Abiding Citizen seems to be working just fine, but I can t get Ong Bak 2 to work with BD-Rebuilder? I haven t yet tried using a target size of BD-25 with Ong Bak 2, but I d rather save my BD-Rs for movies with good video quality. Okay, well since Law Abiding Citizen is encoded with AVC and Ong Bak 2 is encoded with VC-1, I suspect that it is a decoder issue. Chances are Roxio has it s VC-1 decoder set as a higher priority than your other VC-1 decoders. If you are not using Roxio, I would uninstall it. If you are using Roxio, do you have FFDShow installed, and which version of Windows are you running? I was not using Roxio, so I uninstalled it. Now I get the following message: 21:45:38 BD Rebuilder v 05 beta Approximate total content: 01:28: 802 21:45:38 PHASE ONE, Encoding Reached retry limit. Aborting. 21:57:41 Failed video encode, aborted I am using Windows I m not quite sure quite sure what is wrong, because my method has worked before wrong turn 4 trailer 2010 this same setup and this version of FFDSHOW. Do I have to go into the FFDSHOW video configuration and change stuff? Yes, possibly. First, make sure that you have the latest version of Windows Media Player installed. Then go into FFDshow s decoder settings and make sure that the VC-1 decoder is set to WMV While your at it, make sure that MPEG-2 is set to libavcodec, as BD Rebuilder says in the log. An alternative is to erase your current BD Rebuilder directory, download the latest version, and run from scratch. BD Rebuilder should do all of the heavy lifting in terms of codec configuration for you. Thanks Adub. I changed FFDshow s decoder settings, and BD-Rebuilder did just fine with Ong Bak And yes, I did recently download the latest version of BD-Rebuilder. What s weird is that the version I had v 06 stopped working, but v 05 works fine. Don t numbers usually go UP in these version numbers? Also, I m the one who wrote a while back and told you how when copying to BD-5, the resuting DVDR didn t play in my DVD player, and you said that since it was encoded in AVCHD, it would only play in a Blu-ray player or PS Fair enough, but by any chance do you know of a way to set BD-Rebuilder so that the resulting DVDR plays in a regular DVD player? I m guessing not, since BD-Rebuilder describes it as BD Unfortunately, no, there is no way for BD Rebuilder to put out a DVD compatible disk from a Bluray source. However, I happen to be working on a tutorial using another program that WILL let you do this. The ouput DVD will wrong turn 4 trailer 2010 have the original Bluray menu, but those wrong turn 4 trailer 2010 impossible to get on DVD s anyways. I should have the new tutorial out by the end of the day. Thank you again, Adub. One more question to make BD-5s, is a BD writer necessary? Or is a DVD writer sufficient? I have a BD writer in my computer, but for future reference would like to know if a BD-ROM and a DVD writer a cheaper option that a lot of newer computers tend to come with these days is all that s necessary. No, a BD-5 is essentially a Bluray structure stored on a DVD disk. So, no a BD writer is not necessary.

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